The Yard: Outdoor Stage at Charleston House

Red Leaf Ground Screws were contacted by PUP Architects to provide temporary foundations for a wooden outdoor stage erection at Charleston House in East Sussex.

  • Location: East Sussex
  • Project Type: Temporary Stage Foundations
  • Number of Screws: 4

About this Project

The Charleston House is a historic site in East Sussex, where a number of early 20th century artists, art critics and writers gathered regularly, forming the Bloomsbury group. In the 21st century Charleston House is still a site of art and creativity, with a year long calendar of exhibitions, events and festivals.

PUP Architects had been tasked with designing a new stage, to be called The Yard within the grounds. PUP specialise in unique designs that are environmentally conscious, their stage design is a complete wooden structure, making the stage recyclable and biodegradable.

To reduce the environmental impact of the stage further, PUP Architects required a foundation system that is both temporary and as environmentally friendly as possible. To that end they contracted Red Leaf Ground Screws to design and install the foundation system for the stage.

The erection of the stage took 5 days with a small team, the first installation required are the ground screw foundations. Our team worked quickly and efficiently to install four screws for the stage frame to sit on within the first day. As the area already had concrete flooring, our team drilled pilot holes through the flooring and into the ground below, finding that the yard floor was surprisingly unlevel.

PUP Architects choice to use ground screws for the stage allowed them to create a fully recyclable stage, when the stage is no longer required at the Yard, all parts including the foundations will be removed, leaving very little indication that the stage had been there at all. This allows Charleston House to retain their idyllic site and for the materials used to be either upcycled or reused. The stage could be stored along with the ground screws and reused another year or in another location with no need to add a hefty concrete foundation.

Ground screws can have many foundation applications within an event or exhibition, including staging, site hoarding, lighting and much more. Their ease of install and removal make them the perfect choice for temporary structures or structures that move around the country to different sites.

If you have an exhibition or event that could benefit from the use of ground screws get in touch with our team today. We’ll be happy to work with you to design and install a ground screw foundation system for your event or exhibition.

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