We only supply and install the RADIX range of ground screw foundations – the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of ground screws.

Red Leaf Ground Screws supplies and installs RADIX helical ground screw foundations in a number of lengths, diameters and with a range of flanges and open top screws to suit a multitude of applications.

RADIX ground screws are all galvanised according to DIN EN ISO Standards, giving them a long lifespan. Withstanding point loads of over 75kN per screw – they’re made to last under pressure. They can be installed all year round, in any weather with no mess and no fuss, on uneven ground and hard to access areas, making ground screws perfect for a huge range of commercial projects and applications.

RADIX Professional

The RADIX Professional ground screw range is available in a selection of lengths and diameters, with a range of flanges and fittings. This allows our screws to support projects of all scales​, including solar panels, modular construction, steel framed structures and telecommunication equipment.

All RADIX Professional ground screws are galvanised according to DIN EN ISO 1461, giving them improved protection that increases their life expectancy. Available in lengths from 800mm and from 76mm diameter, RADIX professional ground screws are suitable for a wide range of heavy duty projects.


RADIX Advance

The RADIX Advance range of helical ground screws are galvanised to EN ISO 1461:2009, providing them with an improved life span. Manufactured under EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management, ensuring each screw is made to the highest standard, with maximum load bearing and product life span.

RADIX Advanced ground screws are suitable foundations for a range of projects, including temporary structures, CCTV towers, telecommunication towers, site cabins and other buildings that require a strong, long lasting foundation.

RADIX Extensions

RADIX extension helical ground screws ensure foundations can be installed to the correct depth to achieve their maximum load bearing capacity. Available in four standard lengths, ranging from 500mm to 2000mm with diameters of 89m and 114mm and galvanised to the same DIN EN ISO 1461 standard as the rest of the RADIX range, giving them the same increased life expectancy as the rest of the RADIX range.

RADIX attachments

RADIX provide a wide range of attachments for their ground screws that will fit almost all project requirements. For non-standard fittings we can work with clients and RADIX to have custom bespoke attachments designed and manufactured in the UK to specification.

Get in touch with our team today for more information on ground screw attachments and the creation of plasma and laser cut bespoke fittings for your ground screw foundations.

Not sure what you need? We can help

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