Who are we?

Red Leaf Ground Screws is a part of Red Leaf Group Ltd, an engineering and construction company. Across the group, we provide a range of traditional and innovative steel and concrete engineering services.

We work alongside our residential ground screw installation team, No More Digging South East, offering commercial installation of RADIX ground screws across the UK.

Our diverse experience in the installation of ground screws sets us apart. We have the expertise and equipment that allows us to install ground screws on a commercial level, providing efficient design and a professional installation. As part of Red Leaf Group, we are also able to offer ground screw installations as part of a larger engineering project.


Our team are passionate about providing a high quality, professional design and installation service.

Our knowledgeable team can provide load calculations, liaise with local planning and building officials, engineers and project managers and to provide the information required to ensure the install of your screws is quick, efficient and up to the standards required.


Operations Director


Company Director


Commercial Director


Sales Team Member


Sales Team Member

Our Responsibilities

We understand that as a construction company, we have a number of important responsibilities. We strive to fulfil these responsibilities on a day to day basis and with our future planning.


A happy, well equipped and well supported team is integral to providing a safe, efficient and quality service. We always welcome personal and professional development in our staff and provide a high level of training and support, to both staff working on-site and those working within our office environment.

When we recruit, we promote equality, diversity and inclusivity, providing a dynamic workforce where respect and fairness are fundamental. We understand a well trained and supported team is one of the greatest assets to our company.


We understand our responsibility to our clients to be of the utmost importance and always strive to provide an unparalleled design and installation service. Our commitment to this is outlined in our quality policy statement and maintained by our rigorous implementation of our management system. The quality and professionalism of our work is what our clients judge us on, and we ensure a professional attitude and high standards are embraced by every member of our team.

We operate a fair price practice, allowing us to provide a competitively priced, high quality service.


We are conscientious towards our local and national communities, favouring local and independent suppliers wherever possible and ensuring traceability in our supply chain. We source all our ground screws from RADIX, a UK-based supplier. We always attempt to reduce carbon emissions from our business through efficient, reduced transportation methods.

Ground screws are simple to install and don’t require any heavy machinery or excavation on site, helping to make your project more community friendly via the reduction of noise and unsightly mess on your project site.



At Red Leaf Ground Screws we are environmentally conscious and believe that the construction industry as a whole has a responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment and promote sustainable building practices.

RADIX ground screws are a sustainable foundation system; they reduce the need for concrete in construction projects, offering a lower carbon cost choice. Their efficient installation method and removeable nature results in a dramatically reduced impact on the local environment and their reusable quality promotes a circular economy.