Perfect for buildings, transport infrastructure and solar plants.

Quick to install with minimal disruption, great for uneven sloped sites or wooded areas.


Ground Screws and Helical Piles are foundation systems that are fast to install and create a strong foundation for many building applications. Their environmental and site impact is also much lower than traditional concrete foundations, making them great for builds looking to be more environmentally sustainable.

Our galvanised steel helical ground screws feature strong helical threading that bores into the ground securely, with a head that can fit a range of pre-made and custom designed fitting and flanges and can withstand over 75kN of loading point pressure per screw.

Our steel helical ground screws are ready to go immediately after installation; with no concrete there is no drying time and your foundations can take load straight away.

A technical drawing of a ground screw, with a cutaway version and measure lines

Are ground screws right for my project?

Helical ground screws can be used for a wide range of building projects or temporary works in many industries, providing secure foundations for buildings, signage, illuminations and much more.

New Builds and Extensions

Strong, secure and long lasting foundations, with no excavation. Perfect for buildings on sloped and hard to reach sites

Solar farms

Perfect for panel foundations, onsite buildings and security, with no need for concrete. A sustainable foundation solution to help reduce carbon production.

Construction sites

Quick and easy temporary foundations for onsite offices, security and hoardings. Easy to uninstall with no mess.

Exhibitions and Events

Quick, easy and secure, no mess foundations for event stages, seating and welfare blocks. Leaves minimal disruption to site when uninstalled making them great for field festivals.

Parks and Playgrounds

Low cost and quick installation for park furniture, signage and toilet facilities. Perfect for wooded areas where tree roots need to be protected.

Transport Infrastructure

Strong and secure foundations for road and rail, suitable for signage, cabinet bases, modular platform extensions and luminaries. Quick to install with minimal noise and vibration, giving less disruption to local residents.

The Yard: Outdoor Stage at Charleston House

Red Leaf Ground Screws were contacted by PUP Architects to provide temporary foundations for a wooden outdoor stage erection at the historic site of Charleston House in East Sussex.

The erection of the stage took 5 days with a small team, our team worked quickly and efficiently to install four screws for the stage frame to sit on within the first day.

PUP Architects’ choice to use ground screws for their project allowed them to create a fully recyclable stage. When the stage is no longer required at The Yard, all parts including the foundations will be removed, leaving very little indication that the stage had been there at all.

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